Shipping Information

We Ship Globally!

Handling Time and Process

We are a new company that sells exotic plants and pets from Asia to other countries. Our process for handling each order as follows:

1. Send the first email to confirm orders;

2. Check the stock availability and prepare for shipping. (This takes 1 week.)

3. Prepare export/import documents to the destination countries, except the US and UK. (This takes a minimum of 1 week depends on different countries.)

4. The logistics company takes shipments and ships out by air cargo. A second email is sent to the customer with a tracking number. (It takes 1 day.)

5. Shipments on traveling from China to destination. (It takes 3 – 5 days.)

6. Extra days needed for resting aquatic animals. (It takes 3 days minimum.)
We highly encourage customers to be present to receive the package upon delivery if at all possible for the safety of our animals and plants.


1. Animal products:

1.1 If the order that is transported in accordance with the laws and regulations ( Custom Clearance + Fedex / UPS 1 day ). If the goods die in the process of transportation or because of customs inspection, we compensate the commodity value of all dead animals ( Not including freightage. ) or you can opt for redeliver.

1.2 If you choose EMS for transportation and the death occurs during the transportation, the store will return the value of the dead animals. ( Not including freightage. ) or you can opt for redeliver.

1.3 We do not compensate under the following circumstances:

A: You cannot sign for the receipt of the first delivery, and the animal will not be compensated for the death caused by the excessive stay time.

B: You are unable to provide a clear digital picture of the plants or animals in question.

We use heat packs to help keep the animals warm. We guarantee that our products are of the best quality available. All items are packed according to the item and the length of their shipment as quoted by the carrier.

2. Plant products:

2.1 This type of goods does not support exchange or return

2.2 In case of missing, wrong or less delivery in the order, only the value of the affected goods will be compensated.

3. Equipment products:

3.1 If the goods are in good condition, exchange or return is not supported.

3.2 If the goods in the order are missing, wrong or damaged during transportation, only the value of the affected goods will be compensated.

4. Special products:

Because some special animals or plants packaging methods are different and the regulations in any countries are not the same so you should go into the product details page.

Animal/Plants Death When Arrival: If animals/plants die when you receive our parcel on courier man’s first attempt, we will refund 100% of product cost. Shipping fee is NOT refundable.

NOTE: We are based in Hong Kong, China. We ship Globally!


Thank you for shopping at Myhomenature !