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Blue Bloom Tarantula (Pamphobeteus sp nigricolor)

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Photos are for reference only and the actual plant you receive may differ from the photos.

Juvenile: 4 - 8 cm,  Sub-adult: 10 - 15 cm, Adult Size: 25 cm

Pamphobeteus nigricolor is a large species of tarantula found in Colombia and Brazil. First described in 1875 by Anton Ausserer as Lasiodora nigricolor, in 1901 Reginald Innes Pocock moved it to the new genus Pamphobeteus, and designated it as the genus's type species.*

Adult Size:

9.8'' (25 cm)
Temperature: 77 - 82(25 - 28)
Humidity: 70 - 80%
Feeding: Crickets, Locusts

*References: Wikipedia


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