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Cascada Birdeater Tarantula (Pamphobeteus sp cascada)

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Photos are for reference only and the actual plant you receive may differ from the photos.
A large birdeating spider from Ecuador. Overall, these tarantulas have a dark brown to black appearance; dark femurs and red setae hair on the abdomen.
Spiderlings have the Christmas tree rump pattern characteristic of spiderlings and juveniles of many Pamphobeteus species.
Growth is medium fast, exponential as with all tarantulas.

Juvenile: 5 - 7 cm, Sub-adult: 8 - 11 cm, Adult: 20 - 23 cm

Adult Size: 7 - 9'' (20 - 23 cm)
Temperature: 64 - 82°F (18 - 28°C)
Humidity: 50 - 80%
Feeding: Insects

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