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GO Gromphadorhina oblongata

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Photos are for reference only and the actual plant you receive may differ from the photos.


These guys are so massive, shiny, and almost black in appearance. Their horns are also bigger and more pointy than a normal hisser's. They hiss very loudly, too!  


The GO Gromphadorhina oblongata is relatively easy to care for and makes an excellent pet. Owners should maintain their pets in an area that provides a dark, moist,and secluded environment.  


 The GO Gromphadorhina oblongata is an opportunistic feeder, often utilizing ripened fruits that fall to the rain forest floor in Madagascar.  This fruit will provide much of the moisture required for the GO Gromphadorhina oblongata; however, they  occasionally drink dew from surrounding plants. Captive GO Gromphadorhina oblongata enjoy a wide variety of foods including dry, processed foods for dogs, cats, fish,chickens, monkeys, and rats. Supplement the diet with fruits and vegetables, including orange slices,banana peels, carrots, apples, grapes, sweet potato peelings, and potato slices.  Use small pieces(one inch square or less) and feed moist food sparingly, since high concentrations of fermentation gases are harmful.  


 When handling a GO Gromphadorhina oblongata, pick up the insect very gently around the thorax (the hard section behind the head with the bumps).  Be careful not to jerk the insect, since the feet have sticky pads and hooks that grip tightly.  If you pull too hard, you may injure the insect.  Do not attempt to hold the roach down with your hand.  The sharp spines on the legs can be used as a defensive mechanism and can draw blood.  Simply let your pet roam about freely from one hand to another.  The GO Gromphadorhina oblongata will not bite and is not extremely fragile; however,always be as gentle as possible.


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