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Iridescent Blue Tarantula (Pterinopelma sazimai)

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Photos are for reference only and the actual plant you receive may differ from the photos.
Pterinopelma sazimai, also known as Sazima’s Tarantula, Brazilian Blue, & Iridescent Blue Tarantula.
This New World Terrestrial tarantula is native to an ecological island within the Chapada Diamantina National Park in Bahia, Brazil.
Carapace, coxae, labium, sternum and maxilla are black. Legs with black short setae and long golden setae. Femora, patellae and tibiae with distal pale rings and inconspicuous stripes on patellae. All the body with blue iridescence. Abdomen black with long red setae on dorsal area.  
Juvenile:3 - 4 cm, Sub-adult: 5 - 9 cm, Adult: 13 - 14 cm
Adult Size: 5 - 5.5'' (13 - 14 cm)
Temperature: 77 - 81°F (25 - 27°C)
Humidity: 60%
Feeding: Insects

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