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Darth Maul Tarantula (Psalmopoeus victori)

Darth Maul Tarantula (Psalmopoeus victori)

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Psalmopoeus victori, the Mexican half & half, is a species of tarantula endemic to the moist forests of Veracruz, Mexico, although the exact location is withheld to protect from illegal collection.
This species is easily distinguished from other members of the genus Psalmopoeus by it unique coloration, that is having vibrant red on the backside (abdomen and legs III & IV) and dark coloration on the front legs, along with a green carapace, females reach roughly 6.5 inches by diagonal leg span. P. victori is sexually dimorphic, with males appearing much more slender, legs matching the green coloration of the carapace, and red abdomen. Like other species in the genus Psalmopoeus, the species lacks urticating hairs. This species is extremely reclusive, when searching at night, the time tarantulas are most active, it can still prove difficult to observe any specimen. When they are found, it is usually in tree cavities at a medium height.
Juvenile: 3 - 4 cm, Sub-adult: 6 - 8 cm, Adult: 13 - 14 cm
Adult Size: 5 - 5.5'' (13 - 14 cm)
Temperature: 68 - 82.4°F (20 - 28°C)
Humidity: 70 - 80%
Feeding: Insects