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Scolopendra subspinipes cingulatoides centipede

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It is recommended to use a feeding box of not less than 20cm, generally laying coconut soil and peat soil, maintaining 60~80% humidity, and preparing a flat shelter. There is also a small basin (the basin can provide drinking water and can increase environment humidity.)

Origin: Vietnam Yunnan,China

Juvenile: 4 - 6 cm, Sub-adult: 12 -15 cm, Adult: 16 - 20 cm

Adult Size: 6 - 8'' (16 - 20 cm)
Care Level: Moderate
Temperature: 60.8 - 77°F (16 - 25°C)
Humidity: 60 - 80%
Feeding: Carnivore  Insects
Life Span: 2 - 3 years

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