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Socotra Island Blue Baboon Tarantula (Monocentropus balfouri)

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Photos are for reference only and the actual plant you receive may differ from the photos.

Rated to be the most beautiful tarantula of them all by many enthusiasts, Monocentropus balfouri is a very special and beautiful baboon spider. Almost wiped out from their home habitat on the island of Socotra, numbers now thrive around the world thanks to the Tarantula hobby. Truly a beautiful tarantula to behold and at 12cm, they aren’t the biggest tarantulas by far, but they are simply a must-have for any collection, especially with Monocentropus balfouri being one of few species that are truly capable of co-habitation and can thrive in a communal setup.

Juvenile: 4 - 5 cm, Sub-adult: 6 - 10 cm, Adult: 13 - 15 cm

Adult Size: 5 - 6'' (13 - 15 cm)
Temperature: 72 - 86°F (22 - 30°C)
Humidity: 70 - 80%
Feeding: Insects

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