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Giant Whip Scorpion (Mastigoproctus giganteus)

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  • Field Collected
  • Approximately 3.5 – 4 Inches In Leg Span
  • An Awesome Anthropod That Has A Hard Black To Dark Red Exoskeleton
  • Ferocious Nocturnal Hunters Are Feeding On Crickets And Roaches
  • Thelyphonida is an arachnid order comprising invertebrates commonly known as whip scorpions or vinegaroons. 
  • The name "whip scorpion" refers to their resemblance to true scorpions and possession of a whiplike tail. " Vinegaroon " is based on their ability when attacked to discharge an offensive liquid which contains acetic acid, producing a vinegar-like smell. these are wonderful class projects as they do not contain venom though emit a vinegar smell which is harmless

Behavior: They are exclusively carnivorous, and feed primarily upon other arthropods, like crickets, cockroaches, and millipedes, which they pin down with their beefy, scorpion-like, wire-cutter pedipalps. 

Habitat: They prefer humid, dark places and avoid light.

Include: Feeding box, clip, dropper, live feed, Coconut soil




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