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Aquarium, also known as aquarium tank or aquarium tank, is an ornamental container specializing in aquatic animals and plants. It is an animal feeding area, usually with at least one side of transparent glass and high-strength plastic.

There are many changes in the types of aquariums where plants and animals (usually fish, but also invertebrates, amphibians, marine mammals or reptiles) live artificially, ranging from simple small aquariums with only one fish to complex ecological simulation aquariums with sophisticated support systems.


Vavirium is a plant landscape with the theme of tropical rainforest habitat. The forest beds, forests and even shoots of tropical rain forests are used as the main scenery, together with dead trees, stones, vines, etc., to create a corner of the jungle, or the scenery of the water-facing jungle. In order to reflect the vividness of the scenery, small animals, such as insects, lizards, frogs and so on, will also be fed in them. But there are also pure plant landscapes, decorated with animal or animal models. 


Terrestrial is becoming a new favorite of home decoration. They are loved by many people because of their simple equipment (no co2, filter barrel, strict lighting requirements), low maintenance cost and more stereoscopic scenery.
In theory, an amphibious cylinder block can be any form of flume. It can be a full-size fish tank, a sloping tank or even other containers. Small water tank lighting generally choose high support LED lights, large water and land landscape can choose metal halide lamp, LED spotlight, projection lamp, etc.

Such as the follow pictures

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