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Alternanthera Bettzickiana Red & Riccia Fluitans on Driftwood

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  • This is an instant gratification aquarium decorations. You will receive a piece of driftwood that is already cultured and will not float, and immediately ready for installation in your aquarium project.
  • Three bunches of Alternanthera Bettzickiana Red & Riccia Fluitans on Driftwood. (Driftwood is about 15 - 25cm long and 10 - 20cm high.)
  • Plant may vary slightly from the image shown. Driftwood pieces will vary because it's natural not man made in shape and in color. We do our best to provide each of our customers with the healthiest, best looking plant possible. It's 100% normal for some leaves to have minor leaf imperfections or color variations.
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Photos are for reference only and the actual plant you receive may differ from the photos.

Alternanthera Bettzickiana is a popular choice for beginners due to the fact that it's pretty easy to grow. Most red stem plants can prove difficult to get that vibrant red color without providing high CO2 and micronutrients. This plant can stay vibrant red with relative ease but if nutrients and lighting are severely lacking, the leaves can dull out to an orange hue.  


Type: Stem
Growth Rate: Moderate to Fast
Max Height: 30 cm
Light Demand: Medium to High
CO2: Required
Temperature: 18 - 28°C (64.6 - 82.4°F)
pH range: 6.5 ~ 7.5
Location: Attach to driftwood
Propagation: Cut stem and replant
Purchasing Size: 3 bunches on driftwood

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