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American Featherfoil (Hottonia inflata)

  • You will get a bunch of American Featherfoil with 10+ stems and 4 - 5 cm high each.

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Featherfoil is an aquatic herb, annual or perennial, with a submerged stem and fibrous roots. The leaves are submerged to floating; alternate, opposite or whorled; pinnately or bipinnately divided; linear or filiform. The inflorescence stalks are a partially immersed, floating cluster; each stalk spongy-inflated. The inflorescence is a series of whorled, sessile umbels occurring where stalk becomes constricted. Flowers are numerous, white, yellow, or violet. The fruit is a rounded capsule containing numerous, tiny, brown seeds.   

Type: Stem
Growth Rate: Fast
Light Demand: High
CO2: Medium
Temperature: 64 - 75.2°F (18 - 24°C)
pH Range: 6.4 - 6.8
Location: Midground - Background
Propagation: Cut by Rhizome
Purchase Size: 10 Stems
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Overall Color Green
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