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Dwarf Four Lead Clover (Marsilea hirsuta)

  • You will get one portion (about 20 - 30 leaves) of Marsilea Hirsuta shown as picture.
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Photos are for reference only and the actual plant you receive may differ from the photos.

Marsilea hirsuta, commonly known as Dwarf Four Lead Clover, Clover Fern or Water Shamrock, is a carpet-plant from Australia. A fascinating plant, usually delivered with leaves like a four-leaf clover. After a transitional period it develops different types of leaves, possibly a low form with single leaves like a large Glossostigma, or alternatively develop two, three or four-lobed leaves varying in height (from 2-10 cm), depending on the growth conditions. Whichever form the plant adopts, it forms runners and spreads rapidly round the aquarium. 

Dwarf Four Lead Clover is considered a slow growing carpeting plant which is relatively easy to keep compared to other foregrounds such as Dwarf Baby Tears.  When grown under medium to high light, the plant stays low growing and spreads horizontally. Under low light, the plant tends to grow higher, losing the desired carpeting affect.  

Type: Carpeting
Growth Rate: Medium
Light Demend: Medium - High
CO2: Low
Temperature: 78 - 78.8°F (15 - 26°C )
pH Range: 6.0 - 7.0
Location: Foreground
Propagation: Cut Lateral Shoots
Purchase Size: 1 Cup

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