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Hypopterygium rotulatum

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The main stem of Hypopterygium rotulatum is creeping horizontally, often adnate into slices, with brown false roots; the lower part of the branch stem is upright, with sparse scale leaves or bare leafless, a few species are densely covered with brown false roots, the upper part is tilted, 1-2 times Or thin 3 times feather shape, often in the shape of a peacock. The lateral leaves are broadly ovoid, elliptical or egg-like tongue-shaped, asymmetrical on both sides; most of them have differentiation margins composed of long and narrow cells, and the upper part is often toothed; the middle rib is single and disappears in the lower part of the tip.

Purchase Size:  5*5 cm ( 2*2‘’)
Temperature:  21 – 28℃ or 69.8– 82.4° F
Sunlight Demand:  Medium, Indirect

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