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Darth Vader Begonia (Begonia darthvaderiana)

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IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER: Leaves of Alocasia and Begonia usually becomes limp or yellow after transit. You should follow the steps as listed in HERE to let it revive, and it will become acclimated and beautiful in around 2 weeks. If you do not feel comfortable with the condition of the plant after transit, please do not place an order.

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Darth Vader Begonia is endemic to Borneo, and is very rare. The leaves are near-black (hence its name) edged with lime green, and it bears bright red flowers. It requires very high humidity and needs to be watered very sparingly (do not let any water touch its leaves).   

Sunlight Demand: Part Shade To Full Shade
Flower Color: Red
Foliage: Black
Soil Condition: Peat Moss
Water Requirement: High
Purchase Size: 2 - 4'' (5 - 10 cm)
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