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4 Pcs Plastic Aquarium Fish Tank Glass Cover Clips Support Holders

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Photos are for reference only and the actual plant you receive may differ from the photos.

1.Material: Plastic

2. Color: Transparent

3.These holders are designed for use with aquarium glass cover.

4. Equally install the holders to the aquarium and place the aquarium glass over on it.

5. Compact in size and easy to fasten

6.Suitable for nearly all type of tanks

7. Less space, easy installation

8. Specification:

6 mm (Suitable for glass thickness: 5 - 6 mm)

8 mm (Suitable for glass thickness: 7 - 8 mm)

10 mm (Suitable for glass thickness: 8 - 10 mm)

12 mm (Suitable for glass thickness:10 - 12 mm)



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