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Decorative Light

  • Note:The product does not contain plants.
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【Economy, Efficiency & Smart】With its beautiful outlook, feel free to put in your office bedroom, living room.

【High Efficiency LED Light】Is tuned to the specific spectrum for plant growing, automatically turn on 12 hours per day to providing the necessary full spectrum of lights to support indoor  gardening  plants that  maximizes photosynthesis, resulting in rapid natural growth.

【Intelligent Farming system】LED intelligent lighting, simulated sunlight system, give plants adequate care.

【Growing Hydroponics Plant All the Season】You can enjoy any hydroponics plants you want in any seasons.    

Instruction:  After turning on the power, it will automatically light up after 12 hours and turn off automatically after 12 hours. Keep power on and occasionally add water.   

Purchase Size: 38 x 15 x 33 cm
Color Temperature (K) 6000
Power (W) 12


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