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External Refugium, Breeder, Breeding Box, Skimmer Container

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Photos are for reference only and the actual plant you receive may differ from the photos.

Common Name: External Refugium、Breeder、Breeding Box、Skimmer Container

Use: First, it can be an alage refugium: Maintaining the pH balance, providing food to the fish, absorb nutritive salt, etc. Second, it can be a skimmer container. IT also can be a breeding box, etc.

Self-Priming Pump (Voltage / Power): 220-240V / 6W

Aquarium Clip Light (Voltage / Power): 110-240V / 12W


Because of the large flow rate of self-priming pump, it is not recommended to use in small external refugium and medium external refugium. It is recommended that you buy large external refugium and extra large external refugium while purchasing self-priming pump.


The pump and pipe connector is not included,please order separately.

Please contact service If you are in need of assistance.


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