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Stones Ceramic Aquarium Rock Cave Decoration Spawning Sites For Fish Shrimp Tank

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Photos are for reference only and the actual plant you receive may differ from the photos.

1.Non-toxic, do not affect the quqlity of water, Create a natural and green living environment for fish and shrimp.

2.Ceramic stones provide a lightweight alternative to real stone in your aquarium. The hollow caves provides shelter, hiding spots, and spawning sites for your fish. 

3.Measures approximately: 

Small (9×6.5×6.5 cm) With One Hole, Pore Diameter (3 cm)

Medium (12×10×8 cm) With One Hole, Pore Diameter (4.5 cm)

Large (17×11×8.5 cm) With Two Hole, Front Hole (6.5×5 cm), Left Hole (5.5×4.5 cm)


Color of pictures and video may differentiate from the products, by light and view angle.


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