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Fire Bellied Newt (Cynops orientalis)

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Habitat: These newts inhabit pools, ponds, seepages and paddy fields in hilly areas, in both forest and degraded habitats. These newts can tolerate a range of habitats and have a wide distribution throughout China.

Wild diet: Amphibian larvae, eggs and small invertebrates.

Behaviour: These newts will search for food and ambush their prey.

Breeding: Mating season lasts from May to July, with an average of 96 eggs laid per female. A male newt will actively pursue a female, with displays of tail fanning and sometimes biting to get her attention. The larvae develop in water.

Latin Name: Cynops orientalis

Class: Amphibians

Order: Caudata

Family: Salamandridae

Conservation Status: Least Concern 

Adult Size: 2.3 - 4'' (6 - 10 cm)
Care Level: Medium
Temperature: 50 - 77°F (10 - 25°C)
Feeding: Insect
Life Span: 5 - 10 years