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Ledebouria socialis 'Scilla violacea'

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Ledebouria socialis, the silver squill or wood hyacinth, is a geophytic species of bulbous perennial plant native to the Eastern Cape Province of  South Africa.

The Ledebouria socialis is a small geophytic, evergreen bulbous member of the lily family that forms small, somewhat teardrop-shaped bulbs that sit on top of the soil in thick clusters.The leaves are small, silvery white, shield-shaped and beautifully adorned with dark green dots. The small, green and purple flowers are borne in short, nodding racemes.Forms spreading-ascending racemes 9 - 17 cm long of bell-shaped flowers. Pedicels 6 mm long, bracts small, ovate. The flowers are tiny (about 3 mm) but showy, , campanulate, greenish purple-pink with a small pink stripe running down each petal, can be up to 20+ flowers on each spike.

Sunlight Demand:

Full sun to partial shade

Flower Color:




Soil Condition:

Sandy Loam

Water Requirement:


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