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Monkey goby (Rhinogobius sp.) x Pair

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Monkey Goby (Rhinogobius sp.) is a very rare freshwater goby that is native to GuangDong, China. Their beautiful red makes them very special looking. They usually are found in swift flowing streams over sandy or stony riverbeds, often in relatively cool water. Like the most goby , the Monkey Goby have sucker-like pelvic fins just below their pectorals, which they use to stick on to rocks and aquarium glass. A few live in still water, such as the lacustrine species, but most are current loving. In their natural environment these fish consume larvae or other similar creatures. Frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp are always the top choices for them.                                                                        
Adult Size:5 cm
Purchasing size:3 – 4  cm
Temperature:64.4° – 75.2°F (18°- 24°C)
pH range:6 — 8
Hardness:60  — 120
Minimum tank size:25 gallon
Diet type:Omnivore
More Information
More Information
Diet type Omnivore
Suitable environment Fish tank
Preferred level Middle - Level
Can be group keeping Yes
Body size Small ( 0~4 in )
Type of fish Freshwater fish