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Othonna herrei

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Othonna herrei is sparsely branched from a trunk-like stem. The shape of the plant is really distinctive, it looks like a miniature, old tree, with shiny, silvery black bark.The leaf-bases vary among specimens, some are really tiny and compact, whereas on other specimens, they are thick and spaced far apart. This could possibly be due to the different conditions they face where they are gowing, such as the degree of drought.

The flower heads occur in early summer, from October to November. The inflorescence consists of 3 to 5 capitulas and they are each 12–15 mm in diameter. They have 6–8 ray florets that are broad, yellow and recurving, and 20 yellow disc florets. The fruit is an achene. The seed has very long hairs, such as found in other othonnas.

Sunlight Demand:

Sun to Partial Shade

Flower Color:




Soil Condition:

Sandy loam

Water Requirement:


Purchase Size:

Diameter 0.8''(2cm)

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