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Alocasia reginula ‘Black Velvet’

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Alocasia “Black Velvet” is a very beautiful dwarf version of the alocasia.  It is a beautiful house plant because of its peculiar white veined leaves. the alocasia does not like direct sunlight. 

The alocasia uses little water, but it is important that the soil remains moist and definitely does not dry out.  

Sunlight Demand: Indirect Sun
Flower Color: N/A
Foliage: Green leaves Veins With White Stripes
Soil Condition: Peat Moss
Water Requirement: Medium
Purchase Size: 4 - 6'' (10 - 15 cm)
Blade Length: 2.4 - 4'' CM(6 -10 cm)

More Information
More Information
Size Small, Medium, Big
Plant type Foliage Plant
Plant Environment House Plants