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Red Secret (Alocasia cuprea red)

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Alocasia "red secret" is an evergreen houseplant from the tropical areas of Southeast Asia, which belongs to the araceae family. also commonly called Ears of an elephant, with a long heart-shaped profile of its foliage.

The beautiful large oval leaves are green and bronze with metallic veins evident in the upper part, purple in the lower part. Red secret alocasia is a suggestive and very decorative indoor plant, capable of recalling tropical scenarios.    

Sunlight Demand: Indirect Sun
Flower Color: N/A
Foliage: Red With Metallic Luster
Soil Condition: Peat Moss
Water Requirement: Medium
Purchase Size: 5 - 7'' (13 - 18 cm)
Blade Length: 3 - 4.7'' (8 - 12 cm)
More Information
More Information
Size Small, Medium, Big
Plant type Foliage Plant
Plant Environment House Plants