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Begonia sizemoreae


This begonia is from cutting propagation thus the root is relatively thin. In our experience, the root may take 3-6 months to form into full shape. Yet, please be assured that it’s a healthy plant.

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Photos are for reference only and the actual plant you receive may differ from the photos.

This exotic vietnamese begonia species offers a spectacular accent to any collection. it bears sizable leaves heavily marbled with dark green and silver in a circular pattern. the leaved are also adorned with fairly sparse but long and bristly hairs which really make this selection a true knockout!

Does exceedingly well in humid greeenhouses or in larger sized terrariums.

Sunlight Demand: Partial Shade
Flower Color: Pink
Foliage: Green With White Pattern
Soil Condition: Peat Moss
Water Requirement: High
Purchase Size: 2 - 4'' (5 - 10 cm)

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