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Elkhorn Fern (Platycerium bifurcatum)

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Platycerium bifurcatum is nicknamed the Staghorn Fern or Elkhorn Fern for good reason - its elongated, forked fronds look just like antlers. As it matures, your staghorn fern will also grow shield fronds - round, plate-like leaves that eventually dry to form a protective layer around the roots of the plant.

Staghorn ferns are epiphytes (plants that grow on other plants or trees), making them a popular choice for mounting. whether you decide to mount your staghorn fern or grow it terrestrially in a pot, platycerium bifurcatum makes an excellent houseplant that thrives in small spaces.


Sunlight Demand:  Shade
Flower Color:  None or insignificant
Soil Condition: Well draining 
Water Requirement:  Dry out between watering


Price: 1 Plant


Remark: This product does not contain flower POTS.


More Information
More Information
Size Small, Medium
Plant type Foliage Plant
Plant Environment House Plants