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Pteris Blumeana (Pteris aspericaulis var. tricolor)

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Photos are for reference only and the actual plant you receive may differ from the photos.

Pteris Blumeana is one of the most unique members of the fern family. The evergreen fern bears ovate, pinnate fronds divided into oblong pinnae. The leaves start out with bronze-red, and turn mid-green with purple stalks and midribs when mature. Native to Yunnan China and eastern Asia, this plant like warm temperatures ranging from 15 to 26℃. It prefers indoors in bright, indirect light, and the tri-colors stems grows even better in partially shaded position. With a low drought tolerance, the plant require ample humidity of 70 to 80%. The low maintenance yet attractive fern reach heights of 8 to 24 inches but is deciduous in winter, still it is best for indoor freshness.

Sunlight Demand:  Part shade to full shade
Flower Color:  None or insignificant
Soil Condition: moist to wet soil
Water Requirement:  High humidity  Rich

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