Flowering plant: Yes

Flowering period: Summer

Leaves color: Red & Green

Plant Height: 10 – 15 cm

Water Needs: Keep soil well drained. Always keep the soil slightly moist but never soggy. The roots must never be allowed to dry out.

Plant Type:  Perennial herb

Price: 1 Plant


  • 59 ~ 77 °F / 15 ~ 25 °C
  • High humidity
  • Rich, moist to wet soil


Sun Requirement: Partial Sun

Given some humidity and filtered light Begonia masoniana is not difficult grow. It is best watered below the foliage to prevent spotting and mildew and can be fertilised with a diluted liquid fertiliser every 4 weeks while in active growth.

Watering needs to carried out once the top part of the soil begins to dry a little.

The temperature should not fall below 13C (50F) or the plant will suffer.

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