• Begonia sp is an uncommon Begonia which has shimmering green-blue leaves which evoke a peacock’S feathers. Therefore this Begonia is also known as the ‘Peacock Begonia’. The underside of the leaf is red. Begonia sp can be kept as both in a terrarium or as a greenhouse plant.
  • When light hits the leaves from a certain angle, they light up with a shimmering metallic blue similar to a Morpho butterfly.  The plant is found only in the cool, mountain forests of Malaysia.  The iridescence of its leaves is a fascinating adaptation to low light levels of the forest floor.  If you can provide the right conditions, it is easy to grow.
  • Best blue color seems to develop when the plants are grown very shady, humid, & somewhat cool. It seems to grow okay warmer but the leaf color is better when on the cool side. How Cool is too cool? I don’t know but I can say that I grow this species asa mature plant with 50-52F nights in the winter and it does just fine.

Note: The color is a product of ambient temperature, humidity and the angle of light impinging on the leaf.


  • This Begonia is happiest in temperatures between about 55 and 75 degrees degrees F (24°C).
  • It prefers slightly alkaline soil.
  • High humidity.

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