Caridina dennerli(Freshwater Harlequinshrimp)8+2 Free pieces




It is a freshwater ornamental shrimp originating in Lake Taowuti, Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, and belongs to the large egg ornamental shrimp.Adult shrimp, whose body length is between 1 and 2 CM, can live in alkaline freshwater with PH value between 7.5 and 8 .

Recommended Tank Parameters:

1.  TDS: 150 – 300

2. KH: 6 – 9

3.  pH level range: 7 – 8.5

4.  Temperature range: 80.6° – 86° F (27° – 30° C)

Characteristics :
It’s a kind of cave shrimp, and very unsuitable for herding in  aquarium. It’s only suitable for single adoption. But it’s also a very vulnerable shrimp species, and it’s easier to live with freshwater sponges because it needs to hide in sponges and eat diatoms on sponges.