Cork Bark Reptile Habitat Decoration Aquarium Decoration




Cork Bark resists rotting and will last for years. It is the perfect type of wood for dart frogs, crested geckos, snakes, bearded dragons and more. It is easy to wash and re-use making it a very versatile decoration for your reptile’s terrarium. Many people attach moss, orchids, bromeliads and many other types of plants to it.

Measures approximately:

Type 1: Length:23cm   Height:36cm

Type 2: Length:30cm   Height:34cm

Type 3: Length:40cm   Height:44cm

Type 4: Length:35cm   Height:56cm

Type 5: Length:52cm   Height:49cm

Type 6: Length:46cm   Height:65cm


1.Long lasting and mold resistant.

2.Suitable for all types of habitats including desert, tropical, and aquatic.

3.Creates natural hiding places and climbing branches.

4.Easy to cut, trim or modify to create stunning custom structures and backgrounds.


Color of pictures may differentiate from the products, by light and view angle.

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