• Drosera Burmannii is primarily known for its extremely fast trapping speed. It is one of the fastest trapping sundews, and its leaves can curl around an insect in only a few seconds, compared to the minutes or hours it takes other sundews to surround their prey.
  • The leaves of Drosera Burmannii are covered with tentacles (trichomes) that secrete a sticky “dew” to attract and catch prey. In addition, the leaf edges are lined with snap tentacles which quickly fold up when disturbed, drawing prey up onto the dewy portion of the leaf.
  • They are small, compact, and grow fast.This sundew normally spans only 2-3 cm in diameter.

Mature size: ~ 6 cm in diameter

Sunlight: Full sun, 6 or more hours of direct sunligh

Water: Keep wet at all times, provide water that is low in salts and minerals such as rain or distilled water.

SoilCarnivorous Plant Soil Mix, pure peat, or peat-sand mix

Size: You will receive a bare root plant about 1 cm in diameter.


  • Humidity: 50-90%
  • Temperature: 65-90°F
  • Dormancy period: None


  • Pictures are not the actual plants you will receive, but a sample representation.