• Eudicella smithi, the Jade headed buffalo beetle, is an insect of the scarab beetle family, in the subfamily known as flower beetle.
  • Eudicella smithi reaches about 25–40 millimetres (0.98–1.57 in) of length. The males have a Y-shaped forked horn in the forehead, typical of the entire genus and used in fighting over females and in defense of territory.
  • Flower chafers are a group of scarab beetles, comprising the subfamily Cetoniinae. Many species are diurnal and visit flowers for pollen and nectar, or to browse on the petals. Some species also feed on fruit. 

Size (Adult): 3 – 4 CM

Country of Origin:  Africa

Temperature: 10 – 30 Degree C

Feed: Beetle jelly:

Habitat: Sawdust: