• The most wanted and most beautiful praying mantis species available upon the market. Ghosts are one of the few species that are communal. They can be kept together without eating each-other.
  • They are especially useful for pest control in grow rooms and greenhouse or tent environments as naturally eating the most common and prevalent pests in these environments.
  • Phyllocrania paradoxa, common name ghost mantis, is a small species of mantis from Africa remarkable for its leaf-like body. It is one of the three species in the genus Phyllocrania.
  • It has an elongated head, a flattened, extended prothorax (together referred to as its “elaborate headdress and shoulder shields” by one enthusiast), and leaf-like protrusions from its limbs.


  • Compared to many other praying mantises, the ghost mantis is a “medium size” growing to about 45 to 50 millimetres (1.8 to 2.0 in) long.


  • Temperature: Day 24 – 30 °C, night room temperature
  • Relative humidity: Day 60 – 70 %, night 80 – 90 %
  • Recommended min. size of terrarium WxDxH: 20 x 20 x 30 cm
  • Level of difficulty: Easy

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L2/L3, L4, L5