Gooty Sapphire Ornamental (Poecilotheria Metallica)




This is one of the most sought after arboreal species and is a jewel in the trade. Their size and coloration make them an excellent ‘show’ tarantula. Striking bright blue, yellow, and white markings always draw much attention to this beautiful species. This is a very fast, sometimes aggressive tarantula that has strong venom.

Ornamental spiders are also sometimes referred to as Parachute spiders. This is due to a unique behaviour that has been observed numerous times in the wild. When a male parachute spider is alarmed it may jump out of its tree and sail like a leaf to the ground, where it will be well camouflaged in leaf litter. Like other Ornamentals, they are brave and defensive specie and have sizeable fangs. Their venom is regarded as some of the most potent of tarantula species and though no deaths have been recorded, the bite is known for being extremely painful and may cause temporary localized paralysis.

As such, this species (and genus) should be reserved for advanced tarantula keepers only.

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About 3cm, About 5cm, 8cm (Female), 12cm (Female), 14cm (Female), 12cm(Male)