OverviewHydrocotyle sibthorpioides, or lawn pennywort, is a low-growing creeping plant native to the Asian and African tropics, which has been introduced into many of the world’s warmer climates. It is highly adaptable and can live on dry land as well as in waterbodies.

In the aquarium, Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides is a demanding plant with a trailing growth. It requires lots of light to grow healthily and to reach its maximal size. For successful cultivation, CO2 injection is also a must (20-30 mg/l), as well as the regular supply of nitrate, phophate, iron and micronutrients. A high phosphate level helps to prevent green spot algae from forming on the leaves. Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides cannot be cultivated in tanks with low light and no CO2 supplemented as it would decay and die there. In strongly lit tanks and abundant CO2 and nutrient supply this species may develop into a very fast grower.

Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides is a wonderful fore- and middleground plant. Its very special, light greyish green colour makes it a beautiful contrast to other foreground plant. It can grow quite densely and also upwards, which makes regular trimming necessary to maintain its beautiful form. When planting, just place some shoots in the middle of the area you want it to grow, weigh them down with some smaller pebbles, and they will establish there. After planting, H. sibthorpioides will grow slowly for some time, but after a while its growth will speed up, and the plant may require trimming at regular intervals so no neighbouring plants are overgrown.