• This kind of plant can be directly cultured in the water tank with the nature of aquatic sludge.
  • It can better protect other aquatic plants to ensure the survival efficiency of planting,
  • It has a strong vitality and can also be cultured without breeding experience

Placement in an aquascape: Middle and rear ground


    • 5 – 12 cm
    • The leaves are 3-7 cm long and 1.5-2.5 cm wide. Their upper side is green and the red. In summer small stalkless green-yellow or pinkish flowers appear in the leaf sinuses.


    • It’s better to keep this plant in a tropical tank provided with tank water temperature about 20-25 °С. It will stand temperature decrease up to 20°С, but at that its growth rate will slow down. 

    P H: 3       15 DH

    • The plant don’t needs very bright tank illumination. This is the factor that influences the leaves color and the plant appearance in general. Natural light, especially a few  sunlight is good for this plant.