Natural Rock Reptile Hide Realistic Natural Habitat Home Turtle Cave Made With Stone



Measures approximately:

Type 1: Stone (Length: 18cm  Width: 13cm  Height: 7cm)

             Hole (Length: 10cm Width: 9cm Height: 4cm)

Type 2: Stone (Length: 20cm  Width: 16cm  Height: 8cm)

             Hole (Length: 12cm Width: 12cm Height: 5cm)

Type 3: Stone (Length: 25cm  Width: 18cm  Height: 9cm)

             Hole (Length: 15cm Width: 11cm Height: 5cm)

Type 4: Stone (Length: 28cm  Width: 24cm  Height: 11cm)

             Hole (Length: 18cm Width: 17cm Height: 7cm)

Type 5: Stone (Length: 31cm  Width: 21cm  Height: 13cm)

             Hole (Length: 17cm Width: 16cm Height: 8cm)

Type 6: Stone (Length: 35cm  Width: 20cm  Height: 12cm)

             Hole (Length: 19cm Width: 14cm Height: 7cm)

Type 7: Stone (Length: 44cm  Width: 24cm  Height: 15cm)

             Hole (Length: 26cm Width: 16cm Height: 10cm)


1.The natural look of the Rock Cave allows it to integrate into any type of terrarium, and its sturdy design prevents it from being easily tipped over by larger reptiles.

2.A proper hiding area is an essential feature of the natural terrarium. Without a safe hideout and resting area, reptiles and amphibians can easily develop stress that may affect their activity and appetite.

3.Easy to clean.


Color of pictures may differentiate from the products, by light and view angle.

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