The Pale Chub, also known as pale bleak or fresh-water sprat, is a species of fish native to rivers and streams from northern China and Korea to northern Vietnam. They can grow up to 20cm but usually grow up to 13cm. The cycloid scales are moderately large, and they have a complete lateral line. There are no scales on the head. They have a forked caudal fin. They have a grayish coloration close to the dorsal with the rest of the body being silvery. When spawning, the males will have 10 or more vertical strips that are bluish in color. Pale Chub benefits from diet of zooplankton, invertebrates, fish, and debris and also they will gaze on some soft algae, humid substances from the tank bottom and high-protein flakes or blood worm.

Adult size: 15 cm
Purchasing size: 5 – 8 cm
Temperature: 10–26°C (50–79°F)
pH range: 5.5 – 6.8
Hardness: <1
Minimum tank size: 90 gallon
Diet type: Omnivore
Temperament: Peaceful