Pump Tank Filter Tank For Paludarium, Vivarium And Terrarium




1. Low-profile corner filter keeps your Paludarium water feature clean and clear.

2. Rinse sponge material as needed, If the water flow decreases substantially, then it is time to clean the filter sponge.

3. Easy to clean/reusable

4. Type 1: Pump Tank (L×W×H) (10×8×20cm) + Sponge

Type 2: Pump Tank (L×W×H) (10×8×25cm) + Sponge

Type 3: Pump Tank (L×W×H) (10×8×30cm) + Sponge

Tailor made: Pump Tank (L×W×H) (10×8×1cm) + Sponge

(H: $0.5 per 1 cm, at least 10 cm)

Combination 1: Pump Tank (8×5.5×25cm) + Sponge + Pump Tube + Filter Bag + Three Way Ellow(1) + Quarter Bend(1) + Submersible Pump (220V)

Combination 2: Pump Tank (10×7×30cm) + Sponge + Pump Tube + Filter Bag + Three Way Ellow(2) + Quarter Bend(2) + Submersible Pump (220V)


1.The power plug of our electrical products are Type A and Type I (as photo shows).

2.If your country needs a different type of plug, you may find the plug adapter purchase link at the bottom of the page.

3.If the electricity voltage of your country is 100-110V, you should use a transformer. You may find the transformer purchase link at the bottom of the page.

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