Purple Land Crab (Gecarcoidea Lalandii)



Origin: South Asia

Gecarcoidea lalandii is a large species of terrestrial crab. It is dark purple in colour. It has long legs and short pincers.


Purple Land Crab do not need much space when they are young, but they do enjoy climbing, and as they grow their environment must be able to sustain them. The most common size for an enclosure is a 10 or 15 gallon aquarium with at least two water dishes and some things to hide in.


Purple Land Crab will eat just about anything, but should not be fed everything. Good food sources include fruits such as what they would find in their natural environment like mangoes, papayas, and coconuts. Vegetables of all kinds also provide proper nutrients.

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4 – 6 cm, 7 – 8 cm