Rineloricaria is a genus of freshwater tropical catfish belonging to the Loricariidae family. They are commonly called whiptail catfish because of the long filament that grows out of the tip of the caudal fin that is characteristic of the genus.

The whiptail catfish is primarily nocturnal, but will often become active during daytime hours once established in an aquarium with plenty of driftwood, rockwork, and other hiding places. It is not known to eat wood heavily like some suckermouth catfish, but it may benefit from some supplementary wood (or rather the biofilm on driftwood) in its diet. They will not bother most plants.  Feed them an omnivorous diet. Many breeders and keepers of this fish insist that it needs a regular supply of meaty live and frozen foods of appropriate size, such as bloodworms and Daphnia. It will also appreciate being regularly fed some fresh vegetables such as shelled peas, spinach, zucchini and cucumber as well as blanched green, leafy vegetables.

Adult Size: 11 cm
Temperature: 75° – 84° F (24° – 29° C)
Purchasing size: 3 – 5 cm
pH range: 6.0 – 7.5
Diet: Omnivore, but meatier foods should be fed regularly along with vegetable matter. New specimens may require live/frozen foods
Ease of keeping: Moderate