One quantity will get you 10 plants.


  • Rotala sp. Colorata is a vivid plant known for its ability to develop strong red coloration. It is an easy to grow stem plant. Its leaves are narrow and have the stems have the tendency to have an overhanging to horizontal growth habit similar to Rotala sp. Green.
  • Rotala sp. Colorata  is the ideal plant to provide a red accent in the aquarium.Gets a bright red in high light grows well as a background plant and will hold in the substrate even when foliage gets very thick.  Rotala Sp. Colorata can be trimmed severely and it will grow back out.
  • Rotala Sp. Colorata  can be trimmed severely and it will grow back out. Rotala Sp. 

Placement In Tank: Middle / Foreground


  • Temperature: 22℃ – 28℃
  • PH: 5.5 – 7.0
  • True Aquatic: Yes
  • Lighting: Medium