• Rotala Wallichii is a stunning pink, red color plants with needle shaped leaves that is found growing in deeper waters in comparison to other species. Suitable for smaller aquariums as a foreground plant, this bright decorative plant requires a fair share of maintenance.


  • Rotala wallichii is an ornamental aquatic plant characterized by red shoot ends. It serves as a good foreground plant when planted in groups and appears on the water surface as fluffy and pink groupings. Rotala wallichii grows to about 10-30 cm in height. Usually, Rotala wallichii does not bear flowers under submerged conditions in aquariums.

Hard or Soft plant: Soft plant

Ideal water temperature:

  • Rotala wallichii prefers water temperatures between 22 and 27 degree Celsius.

Lighting conditions: 

  • This aquatic plant prefers bright lighting for optimum growth and coloration. A minimum 2-watt per gallon lighting is needed for it’s luxurious growth.

Ideal pH conditions: 

  • Rotala wallichii thrives under pH conditions 6-7 and prefers soft acidic water for ideal growth.