• Zebra Snail suitable for PH 7.1~7.4 hard water, like hard water, soft water is easy to dissolve the shell, the shell outside the beautiful stripe is dissolved, will reduce the ornamental value.Yellow and black on the shell with long lines, very beautiful.Zebra snails are richly textured, with serrated or spotted stripes, and so on.
  • Zebra snails are highly adaptable in fresh water and can survive in poor water quality environment.
  • Temperature is between 22 and 24 ℃.
  • Food: eat alga, like to eat the green spot alga on aquarium wall.

    Suitable temperature 18-30 degrees

  • Size: 0.3-1.8 cm

  • Fresh water spawns but does not breed  

  •  They grow up to 2.5 cm