• Millipedes can live for a long time, up to ten years.  They get along together and are active and entertaining. 
  • Millipedes are omnivores, so they eat pretty much anything and everything like deciduous leaves and wood.  

Size: 13 CM


  • Needs a medium vivarium at least 30cm x 20cm x 40cm, with at least 10cm of moist to the touch substrate. Provide thick branch to climb on, not great climbers but will move off the ground as well as burrowing into substrate at times. Must have cross ventilation to avoid any mould build up

Temperature and humidity:

  • Ambient temperature of 22 to 24 degrees 
  • DO NOT use heat mats under the substrate under any circumstances
  • Relative humidity 70 to 80 degrees


  • The millipede will feed on the constituents of the substrate, but will also take many fruits and vegetables. Particular favourites are cucumber, melon, banana, cooked sweetcorn, oranges