Timer Outlet Smart Plug Programmable Indoor For Vivarium




  • Data is written directly to the chip.
  • Data will be stored for a long time after power failure.
  • Make your everyday routines easier and faster by programming on/off timers for things like lights, fans, kitchen appliances, cell phone chargers, your heater and A/C, aquariums, and other electronics!

RATING: 220V,50 / 60Hz

Material: Flame-retardant material

Product parameters:

  • 12-hour error:± 1s
  • Timing range:1s ~99 hours 59minutes 59 seconds
  • Standby power : ≤ 0.2W
  • Operating temperatures:-10 ℃ ~ 65 ℃
  • Load current:10A
  • Load power:2200W


  1. Settings: Short press – set time, long press – set timing mode
  2. ▲▼: Set time plus, minus
  3. Confirm: Short press – start or pause the run, long press – stop running
  4. Cycle timing: the gap cycle switch, open for a period of time, turn off for a period of time
  5. In the loop mode, press “Settings” continuously, you can set the loop off, cycle open time, and press “Confirm” to start running.
  6. Note: Loop off: off time; loop on: open time

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