Warrior crabs are a kinda of freshwater crab. They are half aquatic and half terrestrial creatures. They need both land area and shallow water area. In the wild, their holes are 0.5 meters deep and are several meters away from streams. There is water inside their holes where they also molt there. The maximum body size are 5cm or above in wild.

Warrior crabs are one of the most aggressive freshwater crabs. They should not be kept in group even for male and female unless the tank is really big.


Warrior crabs usually mate in spring and summer time. At that time male and female crabs can be found in same holes. They don’t fight. Female crab rarely come out when they hold eggs. The offsprings of warrior crab do not need to go through larvae stage. If you are lucky to have babies grounded, remember to separately keep all the baby crabs. Babies do fight and kill each other.

Refund: Full refund for animal die when arrival or custom stops the parcel. You need to provide  photo of the dead animal.