Description :

  • 1. Choose appropriate breeding environment. Narcissus likes sunshine and warmth. 
  • 2. The air humidity in the aquaculture environment is demanding, not very ·cold-resistant, and afraid of hot weather. During the vegetative growth period, wet sandy soil without ·water accumulation is needed.  
  • 3. Narcissus, unlike other perennial herbal perennial perennial flowers ·of perennial perennial species, has the characteristics of growing in autumn, blooming in winter, storing nutrients in spring and dormancy in summer.
  • 4. Raising daffodils in summer, attention should be paid to keeping them relatively cool


  • Categories: A hydroponic plant
  • Plant varieties: Daffodils 
  • Function: Gout flowering
  • Season: Spring plant
  • Ease: Very easy
  • Height: 10 cm (including) – 15 cm (excluding)

  It’s better to keep this plant in a tropical tank provided with water temperature about 15 ℃~28℃.It will stand temperature decrease up to 10℃.


  • Full sun to part shade.